The foundations, perhaps, are the most essential component of a building. After all, they ensure that it stands firm and stable. Foundations will most likely not last long and require extensive work if they are built incorrectly. G8Builds can assist all clients in designing the proper foundations as we are one of the top groundworks contractors in London.

The foundation depth

There are several distinct types of foundations to select from. They are divided into two categories based on the depth of the structure:

  • The first is a shallow trench that generally only needs a little digging.
  • The second needs deeper excavations to support the building above.

Shallow foundations are classified into the following four categories:

  1. A pad foundation is a type of foundation that is most often utilized in construction. It supports columns by providing separate foundations for each one. Footings are generally square or rectangular and the size is determined by the structure’s weight and the soil’s bearing capacity.
  2. In some cases, several columns are located close to each other. As a consequence, their foundations overlap, resulting in a composite foundation rather than individual ones.
  3. Spread footing is required for walls, columns, and even bridge piers. It has a bigger base to distribute the weight over a larger surface and give greater stability.
  4. Raft foundations support extremely large weights. Footings are thus not an option in such cases. Because all of the walls and columns need to be supported, a solid foundation should span the entire room. The single continuous layer will ensure that everything settles at the same level.

Deep foundations are divided into two types:

The objective of a pile foundation is to transfer the building’s weight to underlying rock strata. If shallow foundations are not sturdy enough and there’s a risk of lateral loads causing an uplift, this is the ideal solution.

If the weight is beyond piles’ capacity, the foundation contractors use another technique – drilled shafts that extend deep into solid rock strata. The contractor first drills a shaft that reaches the bedrock, inserts steel reinforcement into the hole, and finally coats it with concrete.

G8Builds – foundation experts

If you’re doing a project in London and need groundwork, G8Builds is the company to call. Our team of foundation experts can handle every aspect of the job and provide outstanding results.

We deal with all types of concrete foundations, residential and commercial, large and little. Whatever your needs, we can provide technical advice for the most cost-effective solution while also ensuring a high-quality finished product. We’ll work closely with you to ensure there are no delays in your construction schedule.

Simply contact us to talk about your requirements.

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