underpinning services

underpinning services

At G8 BUILDS, we specialize in providing top-quality underpinning services to reinforce and secure the foundations of your building. Whether you are dealing with an older structure or a building undergoing a change of use, underpinning is often necessary to ensure stability and safety. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise to recommend and implement the most suitable underpinning method for your project, offering valuable advice and guidance throughout the process.

Our underpinning services include the following:


    1. Underpinning Consultation: G8 BUILDS offers expert consultation to help you determine the most appropriate underpinning method for your project. Our team will assess your building’s current foundation, structural requirements, and other factors to recommend the best solution for strengthening and stabilising your structure.

    1. Mass Concrete Underpinning: This traditional underpinning method involves excavating and extending the foundation in stages, followed by concrete placement to reinforce the existing foundation. Our team has extensive experience in mass concrete underpinning, ensuring a solid and secure result.

    1. Mini-Piled Underpinning: Mini-piled underpinning is an ideal solution for buildings with limited access or challenging ground conditions. Our skilled professionals can install mini-piles to transfer the building’s load to more stable soil layers, providing a robust and long-lasting foundation.

    1. Beam and Base Underpinning: This method involves constructing a reinforced concrete beam beneath the existing foundation, which transfers the load to a series of strategically placed base pads. G8 BUILDS has the expertise to design and install beam and base underpinning systems that effectively stabilise and support your building.

    1. Expanding Resin Injection Underpinning: Expanding resin injection is a modern underpinning technique that involves injecting a specially formulated resin into the ground beneath the foundation. As the resin expands, it consolidates and strengthens the soil, providing enhanced support for your building’s foundation. Our team is experienced in this innovative underpinning method, ensuring a safe and effective result.

At G8 BUILDS, we provide exceptional underpinning services that meet your project’s unique needs and requirements. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and timely project completion sets us apart from the competition.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your underpinning requirements and learn more about how G8 BUILDS can help strengthen and stabilize your building’s foundations.

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