Basement waterproofing is critical since the last thing you want to worry about is your basement flooding. Unfortunately, this is all too typical among property owners.

Most homeowners are aware that basement waterproofing is useful in the case of floods and bad weather. However, most of them are unaware of why basement leaks occur. This is why we have compiled the most common reasons for basement leaking in this article.

The causes of Basement leaking

Grading errors

A well-built house will have appropriate grading. The ground surrounding your home’s foundation should slope away from the house rather than towards it. However, basements are often affected by poor or decaying grading. When water drains towards your home, it gets trapped against your house’s foundation, causing basement leaks.

Cracked foundation

Foundation cracks aren’t unusual, and they can cause water to accumulate in your basement. If your home’s foundation is cracked and leaking, it’s most likely due to hydrostatic pressure or structural issues. You should hire a professional basement waterproofing contractor in London to examine your basement and find the appropriate solution.

Gutters damage

Downspouts and gutters are necessary for a house since they remove water from the structure and foundation. However, if downspouts and gutters aren’t present or are damaged, water will flow towards the foundation. As a result, the water can seep into your basement and cause unwanted moisture.

Lack of basement waterproofing system

Any home requires the installation of a sump pump, drain tile, and additional drainage. A drain tile collects water around your house’s foundation and directs it to one of two destinations.

The water will flow to the sump pump in your basement if you don’t have an incline in your home. This device keeps the water from rising and removes it from the foundation.

However, some property owners do not have a drain tile or sump pump. If this is the case, you may want to consider investing in a professional basement waterproofing system to make up for it.

Condensation and Interior Leaks

In certain situations, excessive dampness can be the result of condensation. Another reason for basement leaking might be interior leaks that are caused by everyday activities such as taking a shower, using a loo, or because of a washing machine. Thus, our advice is to check for water leaks around your regular chores.

Hiring a professional basement waterproofing company in London will help you prevent small problems from developing into serious difficulties.

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