Piling is the foundations that are bored through the ground along a specific length of area to transfer loads to soil that is already due to various soil conditions. Basically, piling is used when the bearing ability of the soil in considered to be insufficient for the load of heave construction projects. The piles carry the load to the required depth of the ground.

Piling contractors London: What is piling?

Various projects that piling contractors in London undertake include RC works construction as well as mini piling construction work.

Piling contractors in London should design piling foundations very carefully, based on soil and load conditions. The piles should be able to carry shear, axial, and bending stresses that could develop due to the relative horizontal movement of piles between the different soil layers.

Piling contractor London: The origin of piling

Piling dates back to the ancient times, when people used them for building foundations on weak soils, especially near rivers. Many of the villages were located next to river bans where there was exercise water, which made the soil extremely weak. The weak bearing ground was reinforced by using timber piles that were sometimes manually forced to the ground, or at other times fixed in holes that were filled with sand and stones. History indicates that the Romans used this method in their buildings and structures.

Piling contractors London: Types of piles

The following are the piles categories provided by the British Standard Code of Practice for Foundations:

  • Large displacement piles (Driven types)
  • Large displacement piles (Driven and cast-in-place types)
  • Small displacement piles
  • Replacement piles

G8 Builds are one of the most renowned piling contractors in London with many years of experience doing a wide range of piling and RC works construction projects in London and across the UK. Our major piling contractor London projects include projects in Chelsey, East Finchley, and Weybridge. We work closely with architects and use high-quality materials for all our piling and RC works constructions projects to ensure durability.

Contact the leading piling contractors in London for the following:

  • Basement constructions
  • Mini/ Micro Segmental (SFA) Segmental Flight Auger
  • Drop Hammer/ Steel Cased Bottom-Driven Piles
  • Groundwork
  • Foundation work
  • All kinds of piling work
  • RC works construction
  • Underpinning

We have a team of highly-skilled experts working with us for many years. Our experience is what makes us stand out in the piling sector. We guarantee the best quality of service when it comes to all types of piling, RC works construction and other construction work.

Piling is an essential part of any construction project. So, there is no reason to not give importance to the piling contractors in London that you select for your project.

Contact us at G8 Builder Piling Contractor London for all types of piling and construction work in London and across the UK. Our clients bear evidence to the high quality of service that we provide for all projects that we undertake in the piling and construction industry.

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